Here’s Brayden “reading” the directions for a puzzle that we were working on.

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In June, Jeremy, Emily & Katie were able to make the long trip to South Carolina for a visit! It was so exciting because it was the first time Brayden could remember them being here! The last time was when he was just a few weeks old & though he “did” a lot with them, this time he could really participate & enjoy having his cousins around!! We were soooo excited they could come & get a long visit in! We stayed pretty busy! We went some fun places, like the Zoo & Frankie’s, & there was a lot of swimming/playing in water & a LOT of golf involved! :) We are so thankful they made the long trip to see us; we had soooo much fun!!! Here are a bunch of pictures from their visit!

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Yeah, after once again thinking I was going to get caught up once & for all….I took one of my biggest hiatuses from the blog yet. Go figure! So I’m back to try (yet again) to catch up or at least fill in since my last post! :) Here goes…
Lots of pictures with captions was my best idea! :) This slideshow covers 1 1/2 months I think.

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