Okay, I realize I am starting to (well, I actually have for a long time now) sound like a broken record. “I’m hoping to catch up, ” “where does the time go?” etc. So this time I won’t even make excuses…I’ll just post, with the hopes of keeping up better….someday! :)
Here are our pictures from spending Thanksgiving at Cherry Grove! We had SO much fun, like always! My aunt & uncle are so sweet to host us all & it always is SUCH fun family time!!! It was a little sad because Jill, Wayne, Ashlyn & Lanie weren’t there, but it made it okay b/c they were in Disney World!!! Seth had to work so he didn’t make it down until the last two days, but we were glad to have him when he was able to make it!
Most of the pictures are pretty self explanatory. We spent a LOT of time on the beach (which was way more fun b/c it was pretty warm most of the time) & Brayden LOVED it! His favorites were chasing the birds & helping us dig a REALLY big hole to find shells! So much fun! We also just had plenty of time to visit & hang out with everybody. We spent a little time on the pier & we went to Dixie Stampede for the last time…sad. This is it’s last year in Myrtle Beach, so we just HAD to go! Brayden absolutely loved it again! We also were able to enjoy watching the Carolina-Clemson game together….man, it was a good year for that one!!! :) And Brayden got one of his worst “boo-boos” to date! Poor child. It was him vs. the couch….and the couch won. We thought for sure it would be a black eye, but the swelling went down after about a day & it never did really change color. Pretty pitiful, but he was a trooper! I think he looks like a boxer in the last picture…oh, please, let this NOT be a glimpse into our future!!!!!!

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  1. Wow, looks like you all had a great time!! My faves are Brayden and Elmo in the same sleeping position in the pack-n-play (ha!), and Brayden and Seth performing synchronized shoveling!! That was some hole :) .

  2. Thanks for you comment. nice to know someone looks at it, gives me motivation to keep it up.LOL.. Loved your pictures, esp of the beach. it looked to beautiful and relaxing. loved the big hole you guys dug. marissa has that that same head band that the girl with the blonde hair was wearing at dinner that changes color in the sun, she loves it. also glad to know i am not the only one who stays behind in the blogging area. see you on thursday

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