Here are some pictures leading up to Christmas around our house. Brayden really enjoyed helping decorate (especially the tree) & it stayed just as he helped do it…with most of the ornaments in one spot! It made me smile every night when I was sitting on the couch & looked at it! He also had his first ice cream cone (he just started liking ice cream again recently) which was super cute! He grinned about having it way more than he ate it! He’s such a little silly goose sometimes! The only visit with Santa was at a fundraiser pancake breakfast that we went to. Seth was working, but it was during a quick visit from Nana & Paw Paw so they got to go with us! And there are a couple of pictures of Brayden helping in the kitchen. In addition to helping cook, he now REALLY enjoys helping with dishes. His favorite is to help rinse dishes after meals…it has everything in the world to do with being able to play in the sink with the sprayer I’m sure! :)

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  1. Super cute, we enjoyed seeing him this season and watching his reactions. He and Abby are having such fun together.

  2. Oh… my… goodness….he gets that grin from his daddy! The pictures are too cute.

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