Hmmm…..after this long, I’m really not so sure! Anyway, for those of you who check in on here often or semi-often or even occasionally……thank you! :) Also, please check back because hopefully it won’t be as long before I update again!

Here are a TON of pictures from Christmas! It covers all of the Christmas festivities, so there really are a LOT!!! We were able to spend a week in Louisiana with Seth’s side of the family & we had such a blast! We really enjoyed all of the fun family time we got in & Brayden warmed up really fast which made it even better!
There are also pictures from our Christmas at home. Santa was gracious enough to stop by, even though we weren’t here! We enjoyed “our” Christmas together the day after a LONG drive back from Louisiana. We had so much fun & Brayden was so adorable about every little thing! It was priceless! We also got to stomp around in the icy remnants of the first snow at our new home. That was fun, but we hated to have missed it, too. We saw a lot of snow on our drive back – every state except Louisiana – kind of crazy drive, especially considering we were in the southeast!
We headed out to Saluda Shoals for our annual tradition of driving through the lights! It was fun, but Brayden got a little “too comfortable” being out of his carseat & wanting to help “drive.” That ended in only minor tears…thankfully!
Then we celebrated Christmas with my side of the family (Seth & Ben weren’t there b/c they were working…I promise we didn’t just leave them out of the pictures!), which was fun, too!
Last, we made it out to the Lights Before Christmas at the zoo…even though it was well after Christmas! Not many pictures, but we were there & that’s what counts!
Whew, so that’s it & here’s the proof!

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  1. All of your nieces are growing up too fast!! I love the picture of the sisters! Thanks for sharing all the pictures….

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