Here are some pictures, mostly from January. A lot of them are of the “big snow!” We really enjoyed being here for the whole thing this time…but we missed having Seth around to share in the fun! He had to work & since it wasn’t safe for him to come home, he had to spend the night. We still did all of the fun snow stuff, but we sure wish he could have been here with us!
Jill & the girls came for a visit & we got a chance to squeeze in some fun things while they were here! We headed to Chuck-e-Cheese to play games & eat & we got a chance to go play at the mall, too! It’s always fun to get to see them!
Kim & her family came over for dinner & a play date & we had such a great time! Those two boys are something! Bonus, they both had Toy Story, Woody pjs to wear, so it made for a cute photo op!
We celebrated my birthday & Seth (with Brayden’s help) put a craft desk together for me! I am SOOO excited! Now, if I just had more time to use it….some day! :)
Okay, check back soon b/c I seem to be on a little bit of a roll lately! :) Hopefully I’ll keep it up & catch up!

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  1. Wow, cool snow pics…looked like what we see up here! Poor Seth looked so tired in the “finally home” picture :/ … I noticed Brayden was on the Rooster on the carousel…was that a coincidence?? :) … I hope you are able to provide more updates soon, love the updates as always!!

  2. great pictures.. what no final picture of the craft desk?!!! i want to see it!!!

  3. Ashley, I know, it is hard to believe that we got a “real” snow! It was really fun! Seth was pretty tired when he got home & Brayden probably made him even more so! He was so busy running around telling him everything we did (a few times) & showing him things & making him play! It was sweet! Ha! The rooster….no coincidence! :) Seth thought it was cute when he was little to put him on the “gamecock” & now it’s the only one he will ride…seriously! Unless someone is on it & then he rides the white one! Too funny!
    RheaAnn, thanks! Good point! I will work on a final picture soon! In my head it’s still a work in progress b/c I haven’t gotten it organized how I would like…but the desk is there & awesome! :)

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