These pictures pretty much speak for themselves…but I’m not very good at doing that, so here is my 2 cents worth! Some of these pictures from a play date at the zoo with friends. This particular day these kiddos (who are always cute, mind you) were beyond words in the realm of cuteness. Seriously! They decided to all hold hands as we walked through the zoo (with no adult prompting) & it was very sweet! Then you couldn’t help but laugh as they started chanting “choo-choo, choo-choo” on the way to the train! I have a video, but I’m not super sure of how good it is or how to put it on here, so the pictures will have to do for now! :) That same day was Brayden’s first pony ride! He really, really liked it! He didn’t smile a whole lot, but afterward he told everyone about it (for days)!
The other pictures are just fun around the house. He acquired a “new” cowboy hat & he rode around on Rody as a cowboy a good bit, which I just loved! Too funny! Some snuggly pictures, a new bath foam/”shaving kit”, and helping mommy make a cake!

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  1. Thanks, Jo Leigh!! My internet is finally up after the storms and I got to see all the new pics. It sure is great to be able to see our “little man” as he grows up…..since we are so far away. :-( The pictures are really important to us and I REALLY appreciate your efforts to keep them coming!! Thanks!! :-)

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