Here are a lot of pictures! It’s just so hard for me to pick & choose! :)
The first group is from when Josh & Kelly came for a visit back in February. They had their cool new camera & caught some great shots at the zoo…but my favorites were of my little monkey!

The second set is a random mix of pictures from February. The first bunch are from when my friend Holly & her mom came up for a visit (from Florida & Mississippi) for a baby shower that my friend Sharon & I threw for her! SO fun!!! I just love Holly & Sharon & they both are having babies now that they moved far away from me….sad! So it was great to have them both in town for a weekend!!! The others are a zoo trip with Grandma, playing & planting flowers (which he loved!)!

The last batch is the zoo, his first “safety scissors” (very exciting for a mom who is also an OT!), playing in the rain, painting, my girls weekend away on Hilton Head, Brayden’s new big boy bed & St. Patty’s Day!

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  1. So cute Jo Leigh! I love the chocolate fountain pics and the one with all the toys lined up around the table- classic!

  2. New Pics!!!! Yeah!!! :-) Thanks, Jo Leigh. I love to see our little man growing up even though it makes me miss him more! :-( Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on the fun. :-)
    Much love to all!!

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