In June, Jeremy, Emily & Katie were able to make the long trip to South Carolina for a visit! It was so exciting because it was the first time Brayden could remember them being here! The last time was when he was just a few weeks old & though he “did” a lot with them, this time he could really participate & enjoy having his cousins around!! We were soooo excited they could come & get a long visit in! We stayed pretty busy! We went some fun places, like the Zoo & Frankie’s, & there was a lot of swimming/playing in water & a LOT of golf involved! :) We are so thankful they made the long trip to see us; we had soooo much fun!!! Here are a bunch of pictures from their visit!

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  1. Great pictures, Jo Leigh!!!! Gave me lots of smiles and a chuckle or two. :-) Thanks for the update. Sure do miss you guys!!! :-( Lots of Love to you all. xoxoxo

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